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Wholesale Bathroom Cabinets

Granite or Quartz for Your Bathroom Vanity?

Wholesale Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom vanity cabinets are frequently the primary concern for those who are considering a new or remodeled bathroom. Modern vanities now act as furniture that should be as exceptional as you and your lifestyle. Vanities are also the centerpieces that can dramatically improve the style and flow of what is likely the most used room in your home.

Bathrooms vanities are often ignored even though they are an essential element of bathroom décor. They can be vital in supplying the necessary utility area for our hygiene supplies and toiletries. The right bathroom vanity set will enhance overall visual appeal while assisting in the use of the bathroom by making storage far more convenient. There is a multitude of choices available in the market including material choices like wood, marble, granite, and quartz. While each one has its own set of features and properties, quartz sets itself apart from the others, bolstered by an elegant blend of top quality, and affordable cost.

Wholesale Bathroom Vanity

Benefits of a Quartz Bath Vanity

Quartz is the most commonly used, modern material in the bathroom today. It holds a certain shine to it that is not present in other countertops or vanity designs, while also being far less rigid than a granite slab. Here are some of the benefits of using Quartz for your bathroom vanity:

  • Striking Similarity to Granite: One of most significant features of granite is that it is appealingly very eye-catching to your perspective. Quartz has a striking similarity to granite even though it has an entirely different structure. Therefore, it provides the customers more options.
  • Cost Efficient: Unlike granite, quartz costs relatively less. This gives quartz a big edge over the competitors. Not only do customers get a granite-like vanity for their bathroom, they also get it for a considerably low price. It should be noted though that the price of quartz is not stable and is different from region to region around the country.
  • Low Maintenance: A Quartz vanity is not only cost-effective but is also very lax on the pockets in the long run because it does not need demand extensive maintenance. Quartz bath vanities do not need frequent finishing periodic sealing unlike vanity kinds.
  • Bacteria 100 % free: Granite is well known for absorbing bacteria. However, that is not the case with Quartz. Quartz surface is sanitary and much easier to fresh up. This makes quartz perfect and a favorite among families with kids.
  • Durability: Quartz vanities are scratch and stain resistant making it perfect for families with little kids. Natural quartz is a tremendously hard mineral. Only sapphires and diamonds are known to be harder than quartz. It is therefore regarded being very long lasting in compared to wood and marble.
  • Versatility: The quartz materials are not merely restricted for vanities. It can also be used on other areas like tabletops, fireplace and the areas that surround the shower and tub. It is not unusual to discover kitchen using counter tops.

Affordable Bathroom Vanity

The choices are seemingly endless with it comes to custom bathroom vanities, accessories, and design. It is obvious when objectively looking at materials though, that when it comes to composition, quartz is easily the most prevalent. With a low-cost and other various advantages, quartz is the preeminent material choice of affordable bathroom vanities. When looking to remodel or renovate your bathroom and considering bathroom vanity design options, being educated and informed about material specifications beyond their looks is very important. The features, durability, and even restrictions of any material is vital information for any customer when making a sensible decision regarding the future of their home.

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