How to Prepare A Bathroom Your Guest Will Enjoy During the Holidays!

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How to Prepare A Bathroom Your Guest Will Enjoy During the Holidays!

Bathroom Storage Ideas

The holiday season is only a few weeks away, which means that your home might be filled with guests before you know it. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house for this reason, and at Stone International, our Bathroom Storage Ideas will make your home ready for the holidays.

Whether you like it or not, the state of your bathroom gives off an impression to your family and friends. No one wants to take mirror selfies in a bathroom that has stuff all over the place because of a lack of adequate storage.

Our team of professional designers will work with you to create the best Bathroom Storage Ideas to transform the entire space. If you’ve been thinking about having a bathroom remodel but have been holding off, there’s no better time to start.

When thinking about making any renovations or additions to your home, often the most significant thing to consider is the budget. All of our products are imported and designed in-house, so we can offer them at wholesale prices that are up to 20% cheaper than the competition. With us, your budget will go farther than you think.

Small Bathroom Storage

Here are some ways we can add more space to your bathroom just in time for the holidays:

Floating shelves: Putting shelves or cabinets on the walls is an easy way to add more space to your bathroom. If floor space is limited, take advantage of the vertical space in the room and store things higher up. Our 100% wooden cabinets and shelves will make a welcome addition to your bathroom.

Invisible cabinets: Another way to create more space in your bathroom is to build cabinets into the wall. It allows you to create the illusion of more room because everything will be hidden from sight! Blending your cabinets into the wall is not only perfect for saving space but making your bathroom aesthetically pleasing as well.

More cabinet space: If the only thing that’s keeping you from having a clean and usable bathroom is cabinet space, we can take care of that for you! All of our products are made with the highest quality wood, so we can custom design them to the size and specifications you want. In no time, your bathroom can have a vanity space that holds everything you need and perfect for selfies.

Bathroom Storage Units

In all, having enough space to place all of your bathroom necessities is a privilege that Stone International can give you. Our team will make your bathroom look brand new with our modern Bathroom Storage Ideas. If you’re expecting for your family and friends to come and visit you for the holiday season, it can quickly be stressful to put the house in order. With a new and improved bathroom, it’ll be more comfortable.

With decades of experience, your bathroom remodels will be the best hands. Our designers have expert Bathroom Storage Ideas that will transform the entire space, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get started on this earlier. All of your guests will be impressed with how beautiful and spacious your bathroom will look!

Find out more about our expert Bathroom Storage Ideas by calling us today at (786) 930-4722 or click here for a free estimate!


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